AJC ACCESS and Intergroup Relations

J.R. Rothstein, moderating a panel on Jewish and Islamic law and relations with American Rabbi Ephraim Gabbi and Saudi Shaykh, Abdullah Hamidaddin.
​Washington, D.C., 2014.


I have been active in intergroup relations for all my adult life.  In university, I led campus-wide dialogue groups between different segments of the campus population.  Today, I serve as a Steering Committee and Board Member of AJC ACCESS, where I previously co-chaired both the Black-Jewish Alliance and the Muslim-Jewish Task Force.

J.R. Rothstein, speaking at AJC Intergroup Model Seder with Muslim-Jewish Task Force Co-Chair Jen Fishkin Kasne​r. New York, New York​, 2015.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

Eleanor Roosevelt